Land Management

Most threats to our shared ecology lie on privately owned land. Effective conservation means getting landowners on board.

Mapseed is an ideal tool for engaging private landowners and forming a meaningful relationship with our habitat.

Read on to learn how the Snohomish Conservation District is using Mapseed to encourage voluntary land stewardship in Snohomish County, Washington.

Mapping our collective action.

The Snohomish Conservation District works tirelessly to educate landowners about conservation best practices. But the District doesn't have an easy way to measure the success of their efforts.

SCD turned to Mapseed to implement a detailed survey of conservation actions across the county and encourage landowners to show off their voluntary conservation efforts.
To further celebrate conservation across Snohomish County, SCD staff regularly write featured success stories and publish them to Mapseed. Mapseed builds an animated tour of these stories, giving SCD an evolving showcase of their work across the county.

We came to Mapseed with a unique challenge... The work they put in speaks volumes to the passion that they have for quality results, and we recommend you try working with them to solve your own needs.

Kari Quaas
Media Outreach specialist

Snohomish Conservation District

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