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What's the best way for all voices to be heard when it comes to long-term planning?
Mapseed is a simple and flexible solution for engaging all members of a community in urban planning conversations.

Explore how the New York Restoration Project is using Mapseed to spark conversations about urban green space redevelopment.

Bringing all voices to the table.

The New York Restoration Project knows that the people of Amercia's largest city have to work hard to experience nature. As New York's only citywide conservancy, NYRP has renovated and restored green spaces across the city's five boroughs, ensuring a healthier environment for one of the country's most densely populated urban centers.

To do this work effectively, NYRP engages community members in urban planning conversations. But collecting and organizing community input is a challenge.

NYRP turned to Mapseed to launch a series of five data collection maps to better understand community needs.
NYRP's maps connect to GIS layers of urban heat island and flooding data designed especially for this project, placing the Restoration Project's work in the wider context of climate change.

And to quickly assess community input, NYRP's staff can use Mapseed's live dashboard and comment explorer:
See this project live!

My PhD research on New York City's green spaces needed a flexible tool that allowed me to co-design a community engagement process. Mapseed was a perfect fit, and their expertise and experience in the field informed my process considerably.

Erika Whillas

Institute For Sustainable Futures

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