Make maps. Grow community.

Mapseed is a beautiful tool for collecting input and engaging communities.


Build your map

Make it yours with stunning cartography and gorgeous layout.

Got fancy GIS data? Want to work with open government data?

It will look great with Mapseed.


set up a survey

Reach people in new ways, with issues that directly affect them.

Build stronger communities through the power of place.



Launch your map and start changing the world.

You'll be glad you did.


Embed video, images, CSS, and more!


Comment threads, voting buttons, interactive discussions, and moderation.


Make your data count. Try our advanced dashboard, or just take it with you.

Case Study

community voting

Mapseed is being used around the world to change the face of democracy.

"Where should we put a public restroom?"

"What's the best way to spend $2.4 million?"

...and just about any question you can imagine.

What kind of opportunities will you bring to your community?


land management

We need smarter decisions on the best use of our most precious resources.

Mapseed is the perfect tool for outreach, education, and actionable results to solve our most critical environmental concerns.

Case Study

urban planning

Our public spaces matter.

By giving people the power to get involved, you are giving them the power to come together.

See how neighborhoods are creating real results for community gardens in Brooklyn, NY

Mapseed gave us the power to solve a unique challenge for our organization. The tool is perfect for tracking our community actions and their service is fantastic!

Kari Quaas
Media Outreach specialist

Snohomish Conservation District

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